Emotional intelligence & Healing; a must have for all humans alive!

The concept of emotional intelligence adds depth to the understanding of what intelligent behaviour is, which in turn informs one’s state of being healed. Many employees [people] hurt, have far deeper issues than performance, and often than not, organizations emphasize performance, not realizing that whatever emotional state each employee is at, that state directly affects their input towards bottom-line. This less cognitive part of intelligence is concerned with understanding the root- cause of one’s emotional state and how such a state affects the self, relating to people, adapting to and coping with one’s immediate surroundings. Awareness of where we are emotionally and why we are there increases our ability to be more successful in dealing with environmental demands, which could be family, personal, work, socially etc. Our premise thus argues that where emotional intelligence lacks, there is absence of emotional healing.

  • How emotionally sharp are you?
  • How much in touch are you with the real YOU?
  • Should you wish to know, please feel free to contact us? We will gladly assist.

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